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Profile Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty

Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty is a motivational and spiritual trainer for more than 26 years. He is founder of Life Energy Learning systems. He is a motivator, entrepreneur, author and speaker of choice.

He has thirty years of working experience in private and public sector undertakings. He worked in Punjab national Bank, a leading public sector Bank in India for many years.

In his training deliveries, Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty tries to stimulate the inner spiritual resources of human beings. During his three decades of experience as a trainer, there was a strong realization that the real growth and development of human resources is possible through spiritual development.

Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty is a self made man, always positive and has indomitable strength to face the challenges in life. He is a passionate trainer and teacher to thousands of students in India and abroad.

He is associated with various clients like, Punjab National Bank, IFFCO, Fertilizer Association of India, National Fertilizer Ltd, Crompton Greaves, National Institute of Banking studies and Corporate Management, Institute of Applied Manpower Research, Amity Institute of Training and Development, NTPC and many more.

Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty is author of three books. The latest books are on effective communication (“You are unknown”) and on meditation (“The surrender Meditation”).
He is a renowned speaker in the area of motivational and soft skill trainings. At the same time, he is deeply involved in spiritual aspects of life. He is a Reiki Master/ Teacher/ Healer and Advanced Pranic Healer. In this field he is disciple of William lee rand, renowned Reiki Guru in Hawaii Island, USA.

Mr. Swadesh Chakrabarty is also a trainer in Vedic Mathematics. He has got skills for doing quick mathematical calculations that inspires young minds.

About Life energy learning systems

Life energy learning systems is an organization committed to the development of human kind physically, mentally and spiritually. It aims to create awareness amongst human beings as to the immense potential the human beings have got within their self, bestowed by the creator. It dreams to create a society where people become more positive, healthy, happy, meaningful and efficient in their life. It has developed various programs on skills for managing self and managing people, which includes Managing stress through self awareness and meditation, Positive thinking, Effective Communication, Team Building, Time Management, Reiki energy healing system etc...