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Organizations have started realizing the importance of giving training to their employees. In today’s dynamic, complex and highly competitive environment, the only resource left with the organizations to create differentiation is to exploit the inner potentials of their employees. Such potentials are unique and cannot be copied easily. Systematic efforts made by any organization to stimulate such potentials of their employees and to put it towards organizational excellence can well be considered as competitive advantage. The age of treating capital, technology, structure, system and even managing information as a competitive advantage is gradually surpassing. Along with the blessings of information technology, the curse is that everything is copied easily and known to everyone thereby placing organizations at par sooner or later.

The realization that, developing the human resource is the only way left towards competitive advantage is not misplaced. It seems that it is the only advantage ‘X’ organization can make use of, in the near future, before we can discover anything else. The first stage is the realization of importance of developing human resource. Many conservative organizations have reluctantly started accepting this hard fact. Provisions are being made on the training and development of human resources. To-day there is widespread practice of giving trainings to the employees in organizations. Unfortunately many of them perceive this process as a quick fix solution. Give training in the one hand and get the result on the other hand. Alas! Only if it could have happened! Employees are human beings. We cannot employ the concept of input-process-output so straight in case of human employees as we can do in case of machines......

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The world is changing. With the advent of Economic and Technological development, the life has become complex. Internet has changed the way of communication and data transfer. It has enabled people to do more work in a given period of time. Taking the full advantage of such technological change, people are stretching their domain of activity far ahead of what they could have done earlier. The result is that people are busier than earlier.

Look at the other side. Although the activity undertaken by average human being has increased, the human capacity has remained the same. Consequently the amount of stress within human beings has increased manifold. People are taking the advantage of their own system to its fullest capacity and beyond, being bombarded with much more data to be processed by their brain.

They are being victim of their own deeds. The stress level of average human being has increased. Continuous stress is telling upon their health. People are being victim of stress, depression, high blood pressure and many more diseases. They are gradually being addicted to artificial life far from being closer to nature, peace and harmony in their life....

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Communication -- the mother of all soft skills

I exist in the society because I communicate. You exist when you communicate. We need to constantly prove our existence to others through communication.

Secondly, the quality of your existence is derived from the sum and substance of the communication you have propagated to others.

From this point of view, the communication is not merely speaking out to others. It’s more a tactical process to create an image of yours to the others as per your requirements. You want to project yourself to others in a particular way. You think about it, develop a strategic communication substance, format it as per the expectation of the other person and then deliver it for his listening. If you can do it with competence then it is likely that you may be successful in the relationship....

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