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You Are Unknown

Do we know the people around us? Day in and day out, we talk with them, we play with them and we work with them. Still we may remain strangers. Relationships are so fragile that we never know when it abruptly ends in bitter feelings. Why this happens? How do we make people know what we are?

For all our success in life we require to build relationships with people. The foundation of relationship is communication. In this book, we shall find where the mistake lies. We shall find how we can change our attitude towards communication so that we can make better relationships and can manage people around us. We shall find how the managers in organizations can transform themselves into effective leaders through effective communication. We shall realize that practicing effective communication is not the last priority; rather it is the mother of all skills towards beginning of success.

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The Surrender Meditation

In today’s busy life it is inevitable to accumulate stress within. We cannot avoid stress. What can be done to avoid such daily stress? Apart from changing the life style and habits the best answer to it is to practice meditation everyday for some time.

The book contains the details of causes of stress and how to mitigate it through the process of doing meditation. It is expressed in a very simple step by step process that can be followed by everyone. By doing meditation for twenty minutes a day one can get rid of stress and can achieve a happy and peaceful life. The author Swadesh Chakrabarty is a Reiki master/teacher/healer for many years. He has shared his invaluable experience in the book for the benefit of all.

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Mindshift” by Dr. Barbara Oakley

Swadesh Chakrabarty
Release date of the book: April 18, 2017

Learning is a continuous process. Our life is a discovery process of our hidden capabilities through continued learning. The learning process in itself is an art and science. There are definite ways by which we can accelerate our learning capabilities through understanding of the behavior of our brain.

This fact was critically understood by me while undergoing a MOOC course created by University of California, San Diego titled, “Learning how to learn”. The esteemed professors were, Dr. Barbara Oakley, Ramon y Cajal Distinguished Scholar of Global Digital Learning, McMaster University
Professor of Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Oakland University

Dr. Terrence Sejnowski, Francis Crick Professor at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies Computational Neurobiology Laboratory

Dr. Barbara Oakley shared the neuroscientific insights about learning which made the subject matter highly interesting. Now she has come up with a new book released on Amazon on April 18, 2017. In our life we are always influenced by preconceived ideas experienced in our immediate past life. At the same time with the demands of time and our inner stimulations, at times we are prompted to change the course of our life or even to change the subject matter in our career path. This involves lot of dilemma. It is not easy for a Doctor to change his profession as writer or an artist being a politician.

In the book “Mindshift”, Dr. Barbara Oakley has inspired to imbibe the capabilities of managing the mind shifts so as to embrace a new path in life with joy and success. Like the book “a mind for numbers” this book is also going to be a must read for us.)