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Communication -- the mother of all soft skills

I exist in the society because I communicate. You exist when you communicate. We need to constantly prove our existence to others through communication.

Secondly, the quality of your existence is derived from the sum and substance of the communication you have propagated to others.

From this point of view, the communication is not merely speaking out to others. It’s more a tactical process to create an image of yours to the others as per your requirements. You want to project yourself to others in a particular way. You think about it, develop a strategic communication substance, format it as per the expectation of the other person and then deliver it for his listening. If you can do it with competence then it is likely that you may be successful in the relationship.

The other side of communication is getting information from others, deciphering it and to understand the inner meaning and expectations conveyed through the received communication. It is not merely hearing but to be able to perceive the inner contents of the whole communication. This requires a changed attitude towards communication and accepting it as an art rather than being complacent that ‘I can speak’. It is much more than speaking. It is speaking, listening, gesturing, expressing, understanding and correlating past and present communicated substance and to strategically develop a new set of communication to bring a desired change.

Indeed, communication is the mother of all soft skills. It is possible to motivate others with the help of precise and effective communication. The leaders need to communicate effectively with his followers for every transaction. A team can work effectively only when there is proper communication among the team members. The foundation of any interpersonal relationship is effective communication.