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The world is changing. With the advent of Economic and Technological development, the life has become complex. Internet has changed the way of communication and data transfer. It has enabled people to do more work in a given period of time. Taking the full advantage of such technological change, people are stretching their domain of activity far ahead of what they could have done earlier. The result is that people are busier than earlier.

Look at the other side. Although the activity undertaken by average human being has increased, the human capacity has remained the same. Consequently the amount of stress within human beings has increased manifold. People are taking the advantage of their own system to its fullest capacity and beyond, being bombarded with much more data to be processed by their brain.

They are being victim of their own deeds. The stress level of average human being has increased. Continuous stress is telling upon their health. People are being victim of stress, depression, high blood pressure and many more diseases. They are gradually being addicted to artificial life far from being closer to nature, peace and harmony in their life.

Meditation gives an opportunity to remain closer to the natural state of human being. It helps releasing the stress and strain of life. It helps in maintaining a balanced happy life stimulating and realizing the natural state of human being. By doing meditation one can drain out the excess stress within human minds. It also allows nurturing the creativity of human beings. One can become more prepared to face the complexities of life with confidence and concentration.

Let everyone understand and practice meditation for his overall well being, peace and harmony in life.