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Soft Skills

In our organizational life or in personal life, we are continuously dealing with other people. To a large extent, our ability to manage people around us determines our potential success in life.

If we can develop better understanding about people around us and at the same time, if we can influence people around us positively, we can develop better relationship with them. This can further help us in realizing the goals of our life.

The technical skills of a job are directly connected to a particular job and relevant knowledge about it. The soft skills are the skills by which we can understand people, influence people and can develop better relationships. Through the doors of soft skills we may enter into the minds of people around us and can deliver any other input intended by us.

Management of an organization is dependent on the performance of people working in the organization. Even their performance is dependent on their capacity to influence others positively. In both the situations acquiring and using soft skills is a necessity without which effective management may not probably be possible.

When we think about the relationships of employees with the customers of the organization, we may probably better understand the need for soft skills that can help employees to develop better relationships ultimately contributing to the success of an organization.

Examples of such soft skills are the effective communication, motivational skills, leadership qualities, developing interpersonal relationship. These skills are required while managing and influencing people around us. At the same time, there is another set of soft skills, by which one can manage himself. If one cannot manage himself, he may not probably manage others.

The soft skills that are required to manage self are like emotional intelligence, stress management, time management etc.