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Stress Management

One gets stressed, when there is excess of load on him more than his capacity to cope with. Stress within limit is desirable so as to allow the system to expand its capacity. But, even there is a limit as to how far one can extend it.

World is full of stress today. It is experienced by people in their physical body or in mental body. When such manifestation of stress is persistent, it can cause various problems and can ultimately cause various diseases.

It is therefore required that one must understand and realize that there is stress within him. And if there is stress, the first thing is to discover the source of such stress and to find out a way to remove the causes.

The causes of stress may be different as follows:

  • The environment
  • The conditions of life
  • Excessive physical work
  • Excessive mental work
  • Emotional stress
  • Being victim of ego

To mitigate with stress one has to strive to do the followings:

  • Wherever possible, try to change the environment which is posing stress. Being in positive environment one can remove his stressful condition to a large extent. Wherever it is not possible to avoid such environment, one should try to develop a mental curtain so as not to be affected by it being indifferent to it.
  • Where the conditions of life are worse, the only way out is to become stronger mentally and to wait for the bad days to pass through. At this state, one must understand that the inevitable has to happen. He should try not to attach with it and to cross over the bad days with determination and surrendering to almighty. The days will change.
  • Avoid doing excessive physical work or at least to give breaks in between so as to allow the body to recoup.
  • Doing meditation can help in undoing the effects of excessive mental work.
  • One must be emotionally intelligent. He should not be the victim of emotions. Doing meditation can help to fight out such situation.
  • People carry the burden of ego throughout life and thereby causing stress within. One must try to shed the ego and try to live a simple life, extending and caring for others.