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The Path

The ultimate goal for a human being is to derive happiness from his life. Being said so, in the real terms happiness is derived from the following factors:

1. Being independent
2. Financial sufficiency
3. Positive relationship with others
4. Sound health

Whereas in many ways being happy is an attitude towards the environment, there is enough requirement in one’s life to act in a particular way to breed happiness around.

To start with one must have a dream to be happy and derive a goal to be achieved in life which ultimately can give him happiness in the sense of achievement.

Next to it, one must develop a positive attitude towards his own life and environment. Such positive attitude towards life can breed happiness in one’s life.

Thirdly, one has to act in a defined way involving development of positive habits so as to reach the stage of happiness. The path of doing action towards a defined goal in itself can give happiness.

Even when we talk of financial sufficiency there is a definite path and habits to be followed persistently towards achieving it.

One should be able to use the basic resources given to him by the creator which ultimately can earn the success and happiness in life. The basic system of resources is concealed within him in the form of:

1. Physical Body
2. Mental Body
3. Energy Body

By taking care and managing these three bodies, one can make himself strong, confident, creative and capable of achieving those things in his life which he aspires.

It is eternally true that the way you act and the way you give to the world, you get it back in the same coins. In all relationships therefore one must have the attitude of giving to others which will be paid back to him in return generating happiness in life.

Being contended in life is a great virtue. The instinct of desire if let loose does not know any boundary. If not controlled, it is destined to result in disappointment. One great source of happiness is to be contended with whatever life gives in its path. The path of happiness gets divided here. The first one is to remain contended with whatever is achieved. In this path the expansion and achievement in the external world is topped willingly and one expands internally towards inner wisdom and eternal happiness.

The second path is to expand and develop in the external world in terms of name, fame and in terms of financial sufficiency. Making the best use of the potential strength and intelligence within one can reach the pinnacle of success and happiness.

It depends upon one’s own derived philosophy of life that will determine which way to choose.