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Train the trainer

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The workforce is the backbone of any organization. All the achievements of goals and strategies are possible to be achieved only by the participation of the employees.

In the human resource development function, there is a focus on increasing the capacity of the existing employees by giving them new inputs of knowledge and learning. This helps to develop the existing people who in turn can contribute better to the process of development of the organization.

As we look at the organizational environment to-day, it is continuously changing. No knowledge is permanent and there is ever changing demand for updating the knowledge and learning so as to remain relevant to the ever changing competitive environment.

It requires that an organization has to continuously stimulate their workforce to change and update themselves as per the demands of the environment. For an organization this is a daunting task. The first step is to visualize the changes in the environment, to make a suitable strategy to be followed, to develop a learning package for the changed environment and to deliver those to the employees and creating acceptance.

Who is going to do all these things? One of the most important workforces in an organization to- day is the trainers who can act as a change agent for the employees. They are the people who have to be continuously updated with the changing environment and accordingly deliver the new inputs to the employees. They are the stimulators to bring change in the organization.

These trainers have also a life cycle. They learn, they develop and they deliver. But unfortunately, in many cases they start becoming complacent with whatever little learning they have with themselves. With the changing environment, even they are required to be updated with changed vision and methodologies so that they can update themselves for providing better inputs to the employees at large.

Our train the trainer programs equip the trainers with the suitable knowledge to make them effective in their job. The following areas of training are emphasized to make them competent to serve their respective organizations.